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Compulsory Third Party Liability is mandated by the Land Transportation Office (LTO) of the Philippines for all motor vehicle owners. CTPL protects you from any possible liability for a third party caused bodily injury and/or death in an accident arising from the use of your motor vehicle.

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Applying for Complusory Third Party Liability (CTPL) insurance is as easy as:

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Fill out the application form, remember to have your certificate of registration on hand.
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2. Pay Premium

Pay your premium through credit card.

3. Receive Policy

You will receive your policy kit through email, together with your Certification of Cover (COC).

Affordable Rates

Vehicle Classification Total Premium
Private Car (including jeeps and utility vehicles) P 650.40
Light/Medium Trucks (Own Goods) Not Over 3,930kgs. P 700.40
Heavy Trucks (Own Goods) and Private Buses over 3,930kgs. P 1,290.40
AC and Tourist Cars P 830.40
Taxi, PUJ and Mini P 1,190.40
PUB and Tourist Bus P 1,540.40
Motorcycles/Tricycles/Trailers P 340.40
Burial and Funeral Expenses P 30,000.00
Types of Accomodation of Professional Attendance Extended Service Rendered Maximum Reimbursable Fees and/or Charges
1. Hospital Rooms Maximum of 45 days per accident
Laboratory examination fees, X-rays
P 500.00/day
P 2,000.00
2. Surgical Expenses Major Operation
Medium Operation
Minor Operation
P 7,500.00
P 5,000.00
P 1,500.00
3. Anesthesiologist's Free Major Operation
Medium Operation
Minor Operation
P 2,500.00
P 2,000.00
P 500.00
4. Operating Room Major Operation
Medium Operation
Minor Operation
P 1,500.00
P 1,000.00
P 500.00
5. Medical For daily visits of Practitioner or Specialists
The total amount of medical expenses must not exceed
P 400.00/day
P 5,000.00
6. Drugs and Medicine (For a single period of confinement) Actual Value of drugs and medicine used but not exceed P 20,000.00
7. Ambulance Actual amount charged for ambulance transport but not exceed P 1,500.00
Loss of or Loss of use of:
Tow Limbs P 50,000.00
Both Hands, or All Fingers & Both Thumbs P 50,000.00
Both Feet P 50,000.00
One Hand and One Foot P 50,000.00
Sight of Both Eyes P 50,000.00
Injuries resulting in being permanently bedridden P 50,000.00
Any other injury causing permanent total disablement P 50,000.00
Arm at or above Elbow P 20,000.00
Arm between Elbow and Wrist P 15,000.00
Hand P 15,000.00
Four Fingers and Thumbs of One Hand P 15,000.00
Four Fingers P 12,000.00
Leg at or above Knee P 20,000.00
One Foot P 15,000.00
All Toes of One Foot P 10,000.00
Thumb P 8,000.00
Index Finger P 6,000.00
Sight of One Eye P 20,000.00
Hearing - Both Ears P 30,000.00
Hearing - One Ear P 15,000.00

LTO Accredited

We believe that you deserve worry-free protection, with an insurance company that is legal and trustworthy.

Paramount Life and General Insurance Corporation is guaranteed accredited by the Land Transportation Office. We guarantee that you can purchase your CTPL at the right place with no hassle and worries.

Why choose Paramount Life and General Insurance Corporation?

Being of service for 70 years, Paramount Life & General Insurance Corporation (PLGIC) continuously provides reliable insurance solutions to Filipinos whether it is for securing ones business, preparing for emergencies or protecting loved ones.

In 2018, Paramount further solidified its position in the general insurance industry with its acquisition of QBE Seaboard Insurance Philippines. This extended the company’s customer reach as well as strengthened its segment and product offerings with the addition of QBE Seaboard’s commercial lines portfolio.

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